If You Are REALLY Into Astronomy…

…then I have the site for you. Astrobites (http://astrobites.com/) is the “astrophysics reader’s digest”, a role which it fills admirably. (Full disclosure: one of the writers for the site is the daughter of a friend and professional colleague.) Astrophysics graduate students summarize research posted elsewhere, writing in a manner designed to be accessible to undergraduates. It is not for the casual reader, but if you really want to dig into the details of up-to-the-minute research, you will find a rich vein of nuggets here. Thanks to the writers of the site for helping me achieve my goal of learning something new every day!

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One comment on “If You Are REALLY Into Astronomy…
  1. Hi Neal,

    Thanks so much for your kind words about Astrobites! We’re so glad to know that we’re providing a useful resource.

    If you like Astrobites, don’t miss our sister site for the latest research in chemistry, Chembites: http://chembites.wordpress.com/



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