A Historic Senior Year

Today’s date marks November 9, 2016. For many American’s this date only has one, singular prominent meaning – the day after election day.

This post will not be politically biased in any way, shape, or form. That is not my intention in the slightest. However, the purpose of my sharing this information is due to the fact of this particular election occurring during my senior year.

With each past election, I was either too young to fully appreciate the process or unable to vote/less politically active than I am now. As a millennial, a college-educated young adult, and an individual of voting age, this election was by far the most influential in my lifetime. I was able to experience it with all of my closest friends, friends who hail from all different backgrounds with differing views and opinions.

One of the most beneficial aspects of being a college aged individual, is the exposure I receive in relation to differing perspectives and how I can take these opposing viewpoints and learn from them. This election was a major historical event for our country, due to the fact that the two major candidates were a woman and a businessman with little former political experience. I find myself lucky to be in an environment that fosters open-mindedness and acceptance in regards to these sort of situations and issues.

Lynchburg College has always been an environment which fosters and supports acceptance, diversity, and open-mindedness. Attending school at such a place gives me, as well as my peers, a positive means to participate in respectful and beneficial dialogue regarding social and political matters.

As millennials, we are the future of America. Over the next four years, we are the majority of individuals who will be entering the workforce and beginning our adult lives. Regardless of political views, this is an exciting time for myself, as well as my peers! This is a turning point in history, and a piece of history that we got to witness full throttle. Whether we agree with the change that may come about or not, it is up to us as millennials to use our voices and influence to see the change that we hope and strive for.

So what I say to you, Lynchburg College, is embrace the future. We have our entire lives ahead of us, and it is up to us to make a difference. If you like something? Support it to it’s fullest extent. If you don’t? Use your voice to advocate for change.


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