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For some of you, Red Wolf and the Red Wolf Tales Blog seem to have been somewhere off in the woods searching for the others in the wolf pack. In reality, we are so proud to tell you that the Lynchburg College Outdoor Leadership Program was working to open a new experiential teaching environment with the Climbing and Bouldering Wall. The climbing wall is located at the entrance to the LC campus, thus engaging more members for the wolf pack,a.k.a., the Outdoor Leadership Program.

For the past number of weeks I have been coordinating the building of the new wall with its anchors, climbing holds, storage bins, ropes, harnesses, helmets, mulch, carabineers, and so much more equipment. Nevertheless, all these pale in comparison to hiring of LC students with no previous experience in belaying. The term “belay” has many definitions: these are threeClimbing Wall 1. Nautical: To secure or make fast (a rope, for example) by winding on a cleat or pin. 2. To secure (a mountain climber, for example) at the end of a length of rope. 3. To cause to stop (Citation) TheFreeDictionary:

What a thrill to be part of the experiential evolution of a student with no previous belay experience! To be able to expose them to a new skill such as belaying holding others in a contractual safety net. Watching these students as they gain the mastery of the skill of belaying is incredible – kind of makes this old Red Wolf howl to the moon and the rest of the pack!

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Layering, dressing for the outdoors

The weather seems to change drastically each and every day when we wake, and then again throughout the day. We hear a forecast: slightly windy 5-10 miles per hour, with chance of rain, low of 36 and a high of 47, or a low of 76, high of 95, and wind at 10-15 miles per hour. Unlike the Red Wolf, how do outdoor enthusiasts know how to dress for the day or the number of days they will be in the outdoors? Read more ›

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Why the name “Red Wolf Tales?”

Red Wolf Tales, the blog, will present an array of topics, tips, tricks, insights, trends, gear, philosophies for the outdoors, training and certification opportunities.

Why have I chosen to call this blog “Red Wolf Tales?” As red is one of Lynchburg College’s colors, it would be a natural thought to connect the name and the color. However, my trail name is Red Wolf.  Like many hikers and outdoor enthusiasts,  I have a trail name which allows me to present myself in a unique way to others in the outdoors. I became Red Wolf through a variety of interactions and incidents.

I’d like to start with definitions of “Red” and “Wolf.” Read more ›

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