To Veto or Not to Veto

Greetings fellow Hornets! I hope that all of you thoroughly enjoyed Lynchburg’s first snow day, and are ready to take on the cold weeks ahead of us. The next few weeks are going to be busy on both the national and local environmental fronts.

Continue to keep an eye out for the Recyclemania competition! It is also being called the “Waste of the Wasted” campaign, and it is meant to promote recycling across our campus. The amount of recycled material generated here is compared to levels produced at other colleges. The college with the highest per capita recycling rate is declared the winner. Help us beat our neighbors at Randolph College who are also enrolled in the competition!

The Lynchburg College Environmental Sustainability Society is becoming more active on campus and is making plans for a camping retreat at Claytor Nature Center the weekend before Earth Day. All are welcome, and if you are interested, please email me at and I will get your name on the list!

Big news on the global environmental front is the Keystone XL pipeline, currently one of the most heated political issues in the media today. Despite threats from the president to veto the bill, it has been passed by the House of Representatives by a vote of 270-152.

Republicans are pushing for the bill to be passed on the basis that it will create jobs, but Democrats and environmentalists disagree over how many jobs the project will actually create. Proponents of the bill also argue that pipelines are safer than other means of transporting the tar sands.

The political aspect of this bill adds another element of complexity to the situation. Some say the president is simply using this bill to show that he will not settle for a lame duck presidency. It seems that the bill has become something of a power struggle between Republicans and Democrats, and some people believe it has become just a show of strength for both sides, evolving from a simple bill to a symbol for all concerned. This is especially true for environmentalists who view this bill as a symbol of the government’s dedication to environmental change.

All eyes are now set on the president, as he is faced with the decision to veto the bill. As the debate over the issue continues to rage on, it is clear that a decision must be made in the coming days. Will Obama veto the bill? Or to avoid further conflict, will the president approve it?

As always, thanks for joining me! And stay posted for more updates on local and national environmental news.

You can read more about the Keystone XL Pipeline and the decision that President Obama is facing at the links below:

Or for a more detailed explanation of the Keystone XL pipeline, you can reference a previous Red Goes Green article below:


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