Come “Fill the Truck” This Wednesday!!!

Hello everyone! This Wednesday, 10/23, is National Campus Sustainability Day and Mother Earth invites you to join the LC “Fill the Truck” recycling event in front of Schewel Hall from 9:30 a.m. until 2 p.m.  Bring your recyclables, help LC reach the goal of filling an entire truck bed and WIN A BIKE by pitching in.  Here’s a list of what you’re encouraged to bring:

– Mixed paper: white paper, colored paper, post-it notes, magazines, soft-cover books (or hard-cover books with the covers removed), phone books, newspapers, blueprints, file folders, cereal boxes, etc.

– Corrugated cardboard: please break down and flatten the boxes.

– Mixed plastic (Number’s 1-7): the number can be found on the bottom of the container inside the recycling triangle. Caps must be removed and containers must be rinsed.

plastic recycling image

– Aluminum and steel cans: all cans must be rinsed out.

– All toner cartridges and batteries

For every item you donate to the truck, you get one raffle ticket and are entered to win the bike. The more you recycle, the better chance you have to win a new ride!

The LC Recycling Department is excited about this event to draw attention to campus green efforts, helping to inform students, faculty, staff and community members what can, and cannot, be recycled. We will have informational flyers that can be posted in all the campus residences and will answer all your recycling questions. Our Recycling Department team is proud to say they’ve been working hard this year to revamp this program to provide an easy and effective recycling system for all of us.

All campus housing should be equipped with blue recycling bins. These bins are “co-mingle,” meaning there is no sorting necessary – just rinse and pitch in – the bins are emptied once a week.  If your housing unit does not have a recycling bin, or you feel you need another bin, please contact

As usual, I am also available for any questions, comments, or suggestions via Your feedback is always appreciated!

We look to see you Wednesday from 9:30 a.m.–2 p.m. in front of Schewel Hall with your recyclables.  Take a few minutes to “go green” and win a nice bike for just a little effort.

Your planet and the LC recycling team thank you!

Quote of the Week: “‘Solid wastes’ are the discarded leftovers of our advanced consumer society. This growing mountain of garbage and trash represents not only an attitude of indifference toward valuable natural resources, but also a serious economic and public health problem.” – Jimmy Carter

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