Earth Day

As the weather warms up and campus begins to feel like summer camp with all the activities occurring- there is only one thing that comes to mind, Earth Day. I always appreciate this time of year specifically because the nice weather draws people outside. A sunny day is the perfect excuse for class to be moved outside to the steps of Hopwood or for you to get out of the library and take your homework to the red chairs. This weather also gets me really excited for Earth Day, because at Lynchburg College Earth Day is special, it is unique and it is celebrated outside on the Dell.

In the past years Lynchburg College has done a great job at celebrating Earth Day inside and outside, weather permitting. Each year there have been table displays, food, and outdoor activities. This year is similar. Earth Day is designed to be a day where students can celebrate, educate, and develop a deeper connection to the environment. To accomplish this goal there is currently a committee working hard to make Earth Day a success.

On Monday, April 23 from 11 a.m – 2 p.m. in the Dell Lynchburg College will be carrying on an Earth Day celebration. The dining hall will be serving an environmentally friendly meal outside during normal lunch hours. Here is a list of what you can expect to see on Earth Day:

  • The Green Thumb Alliance will be displaying plants, trees and bringing their chickens out from the garden to say hello!
  • Be The Change will organize recycling with the paper products used during the meal.
  • The Conservation Challenge committee will be holding their closing ceremonies and will award prizes to the top conservers from both round one and two.
  • There will be a craft table to encourage the re-using of old things to make new things so. Bring out an old tee shirt to have tye-dyed or a glass jar to have painted!
  • There will also be tree climbing and other outdoor activities.
  • There will be different posters displaying information about how our campus is practicing sustainability

These are just some green things that will be happening on the Dell for Earth Day.  Earth day will be continued throughout the whole day with various events. The dining hall staff and the Earth Day planning committee would like to invite everyone to come out and celebrate with us. We are hoping for a beautiful sunny day so we can all picnic together outside! Please if you are able bring your own cup to use, it will help you lower your environmental impact — an appropriate practice for Earth Day.

I look forward to seeing you in the Dell for a great green time! If you are interested in helping out with Earth Day and joining our committee please contact me at


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