Great fun giving my talk!

I thoroughly enjoyed giving the keynote address at Randolph College last Saturday for the United States Association for Young Physicists Tournament (USAYPT).  My audience got to hear about my Tour de France research and my research on World Cup soccer balls.  It was my first chance to speak about the Telstar 18, which will be used in Russian during this summer’s World Cup.  My friend and colleague Peter Sheldon took the photo below as I was on stage giving my talk (click on image for a larger view).

During talks and media experiences, I like to sell the virtues of my college, Lynchburg College.  I’m always looking for new students to join us at Lynchburg College, major in physics, and contribute to my research.  Students have always played a central role in my sports research.  I was treated very well at Randolph College and I’m happy give that school a shout-out here.  Check out what Peter has going on in the Department of Physics there!

I am Professor of Physics at Lynchburg College and author of Gold Medal Physics: The Science of Sports.

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