Return from Kenyon College

I returned from my visit to Kenyon College today.  Friends and colleagues know why the trip was difficult for me.  Kenyon College has been a special place for me since 1999.  Unfortunately it now represents a place of broken promises and betrayal.  What helped me considerably was the warm reception I received upon meeting up with former colleagues.  It was great chatting with old friends again.  I also enjoyed meeting new people and spending a few minutes discussing my research with Kenyon’s bright physics majors.  I had fun giving my talk.  The photo below shows me a couple minutes before my talk began (click on the image for a larger view).  Pizza helped attract a few extra students!

The chalkboard shows some belated Halloween math I used to entertain people before I got introduced.  Nothing like a little mathematical nonsense to lighten an audience!

I am Professor of Physics at Lynchburg College and author of Gold Medal Physics: The Science of Sports.

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