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Our Journeys to Galilee

By now we are halfway through the Lenten season. So how are you doing? Have you kept your Lenten promises? For me, the discipline and sacrifice is a daily struggle. Some days are better than others. I guess that’s why

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Spring Break Prayer

I am ready for Spring Break! I am behind. I need some rest. I need to find a new Lenten discipline since the first one hasn’t worked out that well. I went looking for resources for a Prayer for Spring

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Keeping Lent Simple

From today through Easter Sunday on April 16th, Christians all over the world will be observing the season of Lent. In the early church, those contemplating baptism into Christianity observed a three year period of preparation which involved the disciplines

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Be Humble Day

Today is “Be Humble” day! It is a day to stop and practice humility and kindness. The definition of humble is, “subdued or brought low in condition or status, meek, mild, modest or humble in spirit or manner.” ( “True

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Canine Inspiration

I saw part of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this past weekend—the Super Bowl of well-bred dogs. I am always drawn to the whippets, the Italian greyhounds and the miniature pinschers, as well as the large Russian wolfhounds. Apparently

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Restoring Through Intentional Rest

I live with a chronic disease. Some days are spectacular. Other days not so much. On any given morning I take several pills and have to monitor things like food, water intake, exercise and rest. If the weather is out

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Common Ground

I have watched with great interest the many marches that have been held around the country the last few weeks. I am encouraged that hundreds of thousands of citizens have invested their time, energy, and resources in order to exercise

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The Biology of Stress

In one of the white privilege discussion groups last semester, I learned from Dean Jablonski that there is a connection between prolonged or chronic stress and changes that occur in our cells. I have been fascinated by this concept and

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Love Remains the Greatest Gift

Years ago my spouse served on a church staff with Jay Hurd. It was Jay’s first staff position and second career. In his heart Jay was a poet and one year he penned these words: Not richly wrapped; no foil

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Into the Darkest Hour

It was a time like this, War & tumult of war, a horror in the air. Hungry yawned the abyss- and yet there came the star and the child most wonderfully there. It was time like this of fear &

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