A Blueprint for Living

This past Sunday I preached a message entitled “There’s Nothing You Can’t Handle,” from Psalm 27:1-6. The premise of my message was that despite all that David had gone through, Saul’s continued attempts to kill him, his parent’s sudden death, and now hiding in someone else’s home, David doesn’t give up hope. This is the scenario under which David writes Psalm 27.

When we look at the events of the past several months, it is easy to become fearful about what might happen next. It seems that we stumble from one catastrophe to the next and that we all are at the will of the events of the time. And in light of recent events, there are many things we’d like to fix, that we just can’t fix. It is at this point where I invite you to take the same stance David took. Be practical about the situation. David doesn’t put himself in harm’s way unnecessarily but practically operates with wisdom in his movement. He does not succumb to the despair of his present circumstances. Instead, he chooses to be hopeful, not blindly, but because he realizes that his God has carried him through tough times before.

Today I invite you to lean on your higher power during tough times. Don’t try to just “go it alone.” Remember that you are surrounded by a community of persons of faith; and in these times, we should endeavor to gather together, for we are all affected by these acts of senselessness. Take time – to unplug from the negativity, to care for the humanity, and to remember that all life is sacred. Disconnect yourself from the negativity and always do proper selfcare. As we look at the images and remember victims of another mass shooting which took the lives of persons as young as five years old and as old as seventy-two, don’t be drawn into the darkness, but intentionally stay in the light – the light of friendship, love and hope.

Friendship is necessary for comfort and support, love is necessary for strength, and hope gives us the will to go on day by day. So take a moment daily to be concerned about the health and welfare of others and yourself. Be vigilant in your awareness of your surroundings, but embrace moments of comfort and care.

One of the shining reminders on campus is the “LC LOVE” in front of Snidow Chapel. It is a daily reminder that there is more to focus on than just books and assignments, or fear and propaganda. We are a community of persons that embraces our differences and finds common ground in our common humanity. Remember that.

Be loved, be human, and be blessed.

Many Blessings,


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