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Alabama’s Nineteenth-century Slave-evangelist and My White Privilege

In this era of secrets coming to light, I thought I would share an insight I gained in graduate school. While reading the book, Slave Religion, for a class, I discovered the Alabama, preacher James McLemore. Rev. McLemore has three

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Dear World – “Hearing the Other to Speech”

The power of story, of speaking our own truth, was experienced in dynamic and impactful ways last week as “Dear World” came to Lynchburg College. As a member of the planning committee, I had some idea of what might happen

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A Blueprint for Living

This past Sunday I preached a message entitled “There’s Nothing You Can’t Handle,” from Psalm 27:1-6. The premise of my message was that despite all that David had gone through, Saul’s continued attempts to kill him, his parent’s sudden death,

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Reformation and Change

I had the privilege of leading my daughter’s 2nd and 3rd grade Sunday School class last week. It isn’t my usual gig – I usually choose other opportunities to volunteer and enjoy an adult class during that hour. This Sunday

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