Spiritual Life 101

Autumn officially begins this week. The warm and oftentimes hot days of summer give way to cooler nights and the beautiful, cheerful colors of fall. Our campus will come alive with color and the many activities of college life. A part of that college experience can be developing, celebrating and/or being held up and comforted by your spiritual life.

Lynchburg Spiritual Life offers several opportunities for prayer and reflection on campus, including religious services and locations where you can express your concerns in prayer. On the second floor of Drysdale, almost directly across from the Campus Store, is our prayer wall. It provides a place to write down your prayer request on paper, on ribbon, or by using chalk on the wall. Someone from our office will read them and offer your concerns or petitions in prayer as we once per week wipe it clean. We collect the paper and ribbon requests as it becomes full and offer them prayerfully as well.

Spiritual Life maintains a presence on campus at our Spiritual Life Center house on the corner of Brevard and College Streets, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Please call or drop by if you would like for us to listen or pray with you or just be with you in a sacred space. We are a center that respects all religious traditions as well as respects when you are not necessarily inclined toward a specific religion or expressed spirituality. It truly is first and foremost about your journey which is as individual as you are unique. If you need someone from Spiritual Life after hours, just contact Security, and they will get in touch with our Minister on Call.

On Thursdays you may have noticed us in the cafe. We are there for Thankful Thursday. We provide cards for you to send to people on campus and cards and envelopes for people off campus you would like to remember as well. We will provide the postage and mail it for you. Sending someone a thank you note brightens their day and lets them know how much they are appreciated. It can also give each of us an opportunity to be thankful for the many people who are a part of our journey.

Information about weekly worship services on campus can be found below and left in this and each newsletter. And if you would like to connect with one of our many fellowship groups, you may explore by visiting the Spiritual Life web page. My prayer today is that you will know that Spiritual Life considers each of you a part of the Lynchburg College family and we will hold your concerns, triumphs, and difficulties in our space, hearts and prayers.

Kay Higgins

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