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Reflection on Faith and Reason

Once in awhile I actually get to sit in church and have a chance to worship. This Sunday I preached for the Westover Alumni in class reunion at 10 a.m. and then dashed over for most of the 11 a.m.

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The Small Stuff – Sweating and Celebrating

Over the Easter holiday I had a lively conversation with one of my “bonus” daughters (married to one of my sons) about advice she had received at a bridal shower. She felt the most helpful wisdom regarding her upcoming marriage

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Radical Compassion: A Reflection on Buddha’s Birthday

On April 8th, Buddhists across America took time to celebrate the birth of Buddha. Of course when Buddha’s birthday is celebrated (and how it is celebrated) depends on both the culture and the type of Buddhism. Many believe Buddha was

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From the Aramaic . . .

As an undergraduate I studies Greek, so when I arrived at Divinity School I decided to take Hebrew.  While I worked as hard as I ever had at anything in my Hebrew class, I found it terrible difficult…and after three

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