Spring Break Prayer

I am ready for Spring Break!

I am behind. I need some rest. I need to find a new Lenten discipline since the first one hasn’t worked out that well. I went looking for resources for a Prayer for Spring Break, and probably because of my browsing history and “mom of young children” data trail, all I uncovered were prayers for strength written by mothers facing 9½ days full time while their kids are out of school and prayers that they could just go back already.

Here are my sendoff prayers for Spring Break:

  • Protector God, watch over every member of our community these next days as we are apart. Protect those who are traveling, particularly those traveling abroad and those driving on the highways. Keep our community safe from incident and harm.
  • Great Healer, many use this break for medical procedures and treatments. May outcomes be good. May bodies and lives be restored to health. May caregivers have patience and practitioners share their healing gifts.
  • God of Wisdom, watch over the work of our scholars this week. We pray for those who are behind that they may have motivation and inspiration. For those who are applying for next adventures we pray for opportunities to materialize. We pray for those who are grading, calculating, and researching. May all the diverse scholarship in this community serve to advance understanding of the world we have been given.
  • God of Renewal, help us in this week of different rhythms find time for rest and self-care. Ease our stress and allow us moments of insight and deeper focus. Let there be time to spend with family and friends and to celebrate the opportunity for play.
  • God in our community, some will work different jobs to pay for their education. Some will remain on campus. Some will travel. Gather us back, safe and sound to this campus, refreshed and renewed and ready to continue our life journey as a community that serves you. AMEN

Blessings for Spring Break and the return,


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