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Lives Are Changed . . . When Someone Chooses to Care

Recently, I watched a video on Facebook entitled The Conditioned. It’s 4½ minutes in length but is a powerful story that touched my soul and brought me to tears. Take a few minutes to watch it. The video briefly tells

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Check Out the Chapel

If you have not been inside Snidow Chapel yet this fall, please go take a look. We did some work over the summer and the sanctuary looks really good. More importantly, the organ sounds really good! The organ console traveled

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Parents and Family Weekend

When our three children were in college, Family Weekend was one of my favorite events. I loved meeting their professors and advisors and enjoyed getting to know their new friends.  Although it was not always easy to “let go” as

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LC LOVE, Unity, and Renewal

The LC LOVE sign was erected today as I write this article to remember the collapse of the twin towers and the crashing of 4 airplanes. We remember 9/11 and we will never forget the horror we saw. In the

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Reflection on Saintliness

From second through sixth grade, I attended a small Catholic school in Wyoming. We were fortunate to have three Franciscan nuns who taught all six grades. At least once a week the parish priest would come by the classrooms, reminding

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