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Hiking With Our Haitian Friends

Twelve years ago, a small group of Lynchburg College students visited the island nation of Haiti as part of a church sponsored retreat.  Unlike many similar mission trips, the objective was not to complete a project or build a school

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Fall Inspiration

I took a hayride last weekend to pick out a pumpkin. Thirty-nine cents a pound isn’t bad.  As I watched each family and each kid scatter into the field to pick out just the right one, there were a few

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Discovering Fall Break

When I first came to Lynchburg College over 23 years ago, the campus observed a time set aside in the fall as “Discovery Weekend” during which faculty, staff, and students were encouraged to spend a few days exploring something beyond

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To Be a Jew in Lynchburg

Tis the season of the Jewish High Holidays – the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana) and the day of atonement (Yom Kippur). Jews around the world and right here on campus are taking stock of their actions over the last

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All in the Family

Sometimes a person’s words just stay with you. I am still thinking about a comment I overheard at Parents’ Weekend about how important parents are in their student finding a way to college and being successful. The speaker said that students need

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