Advice for Exam Week

Happy Monday!  In case you haven’t realized this yet, it is exam week.

“No wonder no one was in my class this morning!!!” you say to yourself. “But now I’ve missed my exam!!  I have looked into the face of a dementor and I am doomed!!!”

No worries!  This doesn’t have to be the way things go this week.  Just follow Dr. John’s home remedy for exam time blues and you’ll be feeling great by the end of the week!  So here is the recipe for success:

Eat:  And I’m not talking about those silly rice cakes that are actually made out of Styrofoam.  I am talking about a balanced meal.  If you don’t know what that means then just fill your plate with lots of colorful foods.  And do this two to three times a day, not once in the next week.  Your brain needs something to burn every day besides popcorn and Monster energy drinks.  A square meal on a round plate will go a long way to helping you to remember how to solve for x.

Sleep:  Pulling an all-nighter is like pulling your teeth out.  It is painful and you look bad with a big gap in your smile.  Get some sleep.  Let’s face it, when you don’t sleep you get stupid.  You think you are making perfectly good sense and are writing brilliant ideas but in reality your brain turns to pumpkin mush and so do your ideas.  So get some solid shut eye each night.  Snuggle up with your favorite stuffed animal.  Studies show that students who sleep with their teddy bear actually get better grades.

Breathe:  Breathing is really underrated.  We think it comes naturally but, when we are stressed out we usually suck in a bunch of air and then forget to exhale.   Believe it or not, oxygen has been shown to have a favorable impact on brain function.  So breathe in and out and repeat often.  (It gets easier after a while.)

Once you do these three simple things then you can get to the reading, writing, and arithmetic.  You will still need to study and work hard but your success rate will surely go up by eating, sleeping, and breathing.  If you get really good at these three things then you can move into the higher level functions including personal hygiene habits like taking a shower and brushing your teeth.  But let’s not get side tracked!  Stay focused!  Eat! Sleep! Breathe!

The best of success this week and happy holidays.  I am…


John G. Eccles

VP of Dr. John’s Home Remidy’s

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