That’s a win for the good guys!

People ask me what keeps me up at night, well beside the dog down the street that is obviously not getting enough love, it is the safety of all our community members.  You see, there are bad guys out there who are looking for someone to take advantage of.  That’s what bad guys do:  They look for the unsuspecting, the trusting, the weak, the good guys.  On Tuesday night, the bad guys come looking at LC. They entered a town house and took several items, but an LC student saw them and realized that something looked wrong, something felt bad, and that student contacted Campus Safety and Security immediately.  CSS pursued the assailants  who dropped most of the stolen loot.  While we didn’t catch them then, we did recover most of the stolen items.  Several Security Alerts were sent out immediately informing the community of the crime as well as descriptions of the two bad guys.  Three hours later, two first year students on the other side of campus saw two guys who fit the description.  They noted that they were acting suspiciously.  Instead of blowing it off, they told their RA who immediately called CSS.  CSS and the Lynchburg Police Department responded and — sure enough — it was the same two bad guys!  They had come back to campus looking for the loot they had dropped in their escape.  Busted!  Arrested!  Cuffed! And taken downtown to jail!  That’s a win for our community.

Unfortunately, crimes are not always solved. Sometimes, those responsible are never caught, and victims never get any relief.  In this case, the exact opposite occurred.

At LC, all of our officers are certified by the Department of Criminal Justice.  We have a strong working relationship with LPD.  We do community patrols and are out in the field constantly.  We have over 200 cameras on campus and deploy safety systems like e2Campus and Livesafe.  All of these are important systems to have, but any law enforcement professional will tell you that everything depends on an engaged citizenship that actively takes responsibility for safeguarding themselves.  We cannot control what bad guys decide to do, but we can respond effectively when they try to perpetrate a crime at LC.  We can be proactive with tip lines, lighting, cameras, patrols, and locking doors.  All of these deter criminals and all of us can take part in these things.  So thanks LC for being engaged!  Thanks for showing the bad guys that we do care and that together we are stronger and safer!

In other news:

  • The Eagles and the Cowboys played the worst game of football that I have ever witnessed!  That was ugly!!! (Joe Buck even said so!!!)
  • I asked a random sample of Hornets what they were going to wear tomorrow, which happens to be (Hint! Hint!)  Here are some answers that I got:
    • Clean socks
    • Underwear
    • Stinky dockers
    • Hat with Green Bay on it. (They actually did play a good game of football!)
    • Mickey Mouse watch

All of these are fine and good…but what will we all be wearing tomorrow????  That’s right!!!  RED RED RED!!!  We wear RED on Fridays!!!    Until Friday, I am….



John G. Eccles

Dean of the Good Guys in RED

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