Stone Dust

So I’m just getting back from a staff meeting and see that there are 65 e-mails sitting in my in box screaming at me to be opened, read, and responded to.  I’ve got to be honest with you, I’m just not into it!  So I am looking around my office looking for a good way to procrastinate and suddenly it hit me like a chicken finger dipped in BBQ sauce:  A CAMPUS UPDATE!!!  That’s what I will do to avoid actual work!!  And then everyone who reads the update (all 42 of you) will be otherwise occupied and will not be sending me e-mails that I have respond to.  BRILLIANT!  So here we go with the next installment of Campus Update:

  • Stone Dust…it is the work of the devil.  You see, we used stone dust rather than sand to set the brick pavers in the Drysdale Plaza.  To be honest with you, I am not sure why, but if you ever get the opportunity to build a student center, or for that matter, a patio in your back yard, do not use stone dust.  Use sand!!!  Stone dust puts a mineral film on the bricks that makes them look like a Krispy Kreme donut.  The dust migrates like a bad idea in Congress and thus makes the plaza look nasty.  So here is what we are doing: We are sucking all the stone dust out of the cracks and scrubbing the pavers clean.  We will then brush in 100% real authentic sand and seal the bricks.  So be nice to the Stone Dust Destroyers who are currently working their magic in the Drysdale Plaza.  If you happen to get some stone dust stuck between your teeth or toes, they will be happy to blast it out for free!
  • I saw my first official Rugby Game right here on Shellenberger Field this past Saturday.  Our club team took on Hampden-Sydney.  To be honest with you, I’m not sure what the score was or for that matter if anybody really cared.  There was considerable scrumming, tackling, and general body abuse going on for most of the afternoon.  Our guys sang and chanted before the start of the match and I hope they will release their CD soon.  They sounded great!  So here’s to our Rugby Club!!!  May your scrum be with you!
  • When I announced my retirement, many asked me if I had lost my mind. Well, I got to thinking that maybe I did lose my mind and sure enough, it was gone!!!  No worries though. I went to Hornet HQ and accessed their new lost and found web page.  Sure enough, one of the rugby guys had found it in the stands after the match. He turned it in to Campus Safety and Security and it was posted on the Lost and Found Page.  I picked it up on Monday and I am feeling much better.  (Still retiring though…)  So if you lose your mind or something else as important, check out your Hornet HQ!  It might just be there!

Parents and Family Weekend is coming up in three days so you might want to do the following:

  1. Shovel out your room
  2. If they come on Friday, TELL THEM TO WEAR RED!!!! (YOU TOO!!!)
  3. Empty half of your laundry detergent down the drain so it looks like you have actually done your laundry.
  4. Make sure all the underwear in your room actually belongs to you.  Your Mom is going to check your underwear drawer so just be prepared.
  5. Place your text books open on your desk.  Highlight several chapters and leave out, in plain sight,  a rough draft of a paper entitled  “Philosophical Implications of the Iliad and The Odyssey on the Current Political Climate as it Relates to Socio-economic Development in Stores Located Close to Walmart.”
  6. Learn your roommate’s name.
  7. Locate the library and take your parents to it.
  8. Tell them how much you love them and appreciate their support.  Then ask them to take you out to dinner!  (Don’t screw up the order on this one…love and appreciation first, then hit them up for dinner!)
  9. Take an orphan with you.  You never know when you will be one!
  10. Take in a game or musical production because Hornets rock no matter where they play!!!

Well, the e-mail count is up to 78 and it’s not getting any better.  But the weather sure is, so unplug yourself from your electronic world, and find a red chair and a good friend to share the day with!!!  Until the next time I feel like avoiding work, I am…

John G. Eccles

Dean and Destroyer of Stone Dust

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