Are you feeling the red?

Hello LC Community!  Welcome to yet another year of learning, playing, serving, eating, sleeping, walking, running, and yes, winning as a LC Hornet!!  Since some of you are new to the community (about 640 new first years and transfers and readmits ) I’d thought I run through just what a Campus Update actually is:

  • A Campus Update is generally informative but only to a point.
  • A Campus Update has actuate information strewn throughout it, but much like your rooms, you have to figure out what is clean laundry on the floor and what is dirty.
  • A Campus Update can be funny, but funny is in the eye of the beholder; I cannot be held responsible for your state of mind while you are reading a campus update. (I can’t be responsible for your mind after reading it either!!)
  • A Campus Update will contain items that are totally made up.  Enjoy them.
  • A Campus Update will generally not contain a “moral to the story”, but if you find one please share it with me.  I could use some morals.
  • A Campus Update requires reading, but I try not to use really big words like conundrum and obstinate.  My parents used these words to describe me when I was a kid and I still do not know what they mean.
  • Finally, a Campus Update is meant to make you smile. So here we go!

A new smoking policy is around the corner.  It will require all faculty, staff, and students to utilize special designated outdoor tables as smoking areas.  In the meantime, don’t vape inside as it sets off the fire alarm more frequently than burnt popcorn!!!

The family doctor for the squirrels living in the Dell has asked that we cut down on the extra butter on our bagels from Brewed.  It seems that the squirrel’s cholesterol has risen significantly as a result of munching on our leftover discards.

We have purchased the parking lot that is located behind Peaksview Hall.  This new lot will open in the next few months and will be a place where first year students can park. In addition, it will provide overflow parking for graduation, sporting events like when we win our next national championship, and concert roadies when the Dead plays live on Shellenberger field this spring.

Last year we started the NO MORE campaign.  This national campaign focuses on stopping sexual violence on our campus!  Over 500 students signed the pledge last spring that is hanging in the Drysdale Student Center.  We need you to be on board too.  Please view the video that our very own LC Hornets made last spring!  Then look for the next opportunity to sign the pledge.  It is on us!  NO MORE! Click here and be a part of the movement!

On Fridays We Wear Red showed an increase from approximately 10% of the population to about 30%.  Next Friday lets push the red out even more!  Thanks for being red!!!  

Well you made it through the first full week of school.  It is permissible to study over the weekend.  In fact we encourage it!  While you’re at it please let me know if you find out what conundrum and obstinate mean.  Until then, I am…

John G. Eccles

Dean of Red

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