Rants from the Gnarly Beard

Perplexing answers about the Student Center

Hello LC peeps!  It’s that time again to answer all the deep perplexing questions that come to your mind every time you walk/drive by the Drysdale Student Center site. So let me try to answer some of the more common and perplexing questions: Read more ›

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Summer destruction

Hello LC Community!  Hope you are finding some sun and possibly even a little fun as the summer begins.  Things are getting warmer every day here, especially at our weekly construction meetings —  25 guys jammed into a trailer will definitely clear out your sinuses or make you wish you didn’t have them.  Read more ›

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A final rant for the school year

I was struck by how green and crisp looking the Dell was this morning as I walked across it in the early morning hours. Mother Nature sure let loose yesterday washing away dust, pollen, two port-a-johns, six squirrels in a pontoon boat, the Hornet Statue, and a golf cart or two. We found most of this stuff on Lakeside drive and have since delivered it back to its rightful place! Read more ›

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Are we there yet?

In case you haven’t figured it out, we are in exam week. Classes do not meet at the same time as they usually do so you might want to check your exam schedule. I still have nightmares about exam week. Read more ›

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Alice Cooper is back

Hello Lynchburg College!! Believe it or not, today is the last day of class!! I cannot help but sing Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out For Summer.”  Yeah, that was a big top 40 hit way back when I had hair, it was all black, and most of you were still a twinkle in your mom and dad’s eyes. For a good history lesson go ahead a Google “Alice Cooper.” That guy could play one heck of a good concert! But let’s get back to reality, school is not quite out yet! There are still exams, papers, and presentations. But while you’re scrambling to find that syllabus that explains what’s on your final exam, I have some news for you: Read more ›

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The end of the world is near

Hello LC Campus Community. I have been informed by a guy named Noah that the end of the world is near and that we need to build a large boat so that we can all be saved. Consequently we have instructed our general contractor to begin the construction of a large barge. We do not have the time to construct the ship that Noah wanted us to build!  Read more ›

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It looks like a pool

Hello Lynchburg College! What a grand Monday!  It is so nice outside that it almost makes you forget that there are only two weeks of classes left and only 26 days to graduation. Oh my … you mean that you didn’t realize it was that close? Well call me Captain Reality Calendar!!!  Read more ›

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We made it to spring. Yippee!

Hello LC! Warmth has never felt so good and green has never looked better! What a great day to get outside and soak up some sunshine and all those vitamins that float in the air. Personally I thought it was called pollen, but I guess I was mistaken! So, without further ado, here’s what’s running around the mulberry bush: Read more ›

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Spring is Running Wild

Wow!  Can you believe it!  I got up this morning and it wasn’t snowing!!!  I soon realized that my 5 layers of clothing were no longer needed!  I could walk through the Dell without my sock cap letting my bald head soak up the sun rays like a solar panel. There were other signs of life, too!  People were actually sitting in the red chairs!  Frisbees, blankets, and sun glasses invaded the Dell and gloves changed from warm mittens to baseball gloves worn by students enjoying a game of pitch outside!  I think spring finally busted out of jail and is running wild!!! Things are really starting to move!!!  And speaking of movement, here are some LC Hornets that are definitely moving!!! Read more ›

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Shout Out Day!

Today is “Shout Out Day!” In 1957, Reggie Lee Arnold was walking down Main Street. As he was rounding the corner he saw that an elderly lady had literally spilled her beans on the sidewalk. Realizing that the beans were probably all this lady had to eat, he helped her pick them up, one by one. After he was done he hurried off before the lady could thank him. The lady, Mrs. Gladys Knight, was actually a very influential woman and was able to find out who the bean picker-upper was! Read more ›

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