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Shrubbery and Monty Python

Hello LC community! Happy Homecoming Week! It is good to know that we all survived the four days of rain last week. Of course the weather forecasters were predicting 20 inches of rain, high winds, flooding, overbooked and leaky arks, basically the end of the Earth as we know it. You see The Weather Forecasters Association is a bit edgy and cranky because they haven’t been able to cover the “SAVAGE HURICANNE 2014,” where they report in their soaked slickers by washed-out beach homes. So now they are resorting to just plain rain storms and trying to give them a little pizazz! To most of us, it just rained for a few days which got old; however, that does not increase viewers on the Weather Channel!!!  So stay tuned to the next weather disaster called:  Monster Mist on Monday Morning 2014. Read more ›

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Fall Break: True or False?

Well Happy Hump Day!!!  And for some of you, it is actually Friday, i.e. the last day of classes before Fall Break!!!  Yippee!  You are now half way through the semester!  Congratulations!!!!  So as you have time over fall break to contemplate the nature of man (and women too!), I thought I would share an important tidbit about my campus updates.  Read more ›

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Knock, knock, knock

Knock, Knock, Knock…
You hear it from the depths of a groggy sleep…
Knock, Knock, Knock…
It continues and you realize it is not a dream… Read more ›

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The Big Tease

Hello LC. I have been called a lot of things in my day. Most I cannot put in this note to you. But here is a sample of some of the names I have responded to: Read more ›

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Almost there

Hello Lynchburg College!!! Some short notes to share with you this hot and humid Friday afternoon.

Wow … is it ever hot and humid.

The good news is that we are all sweaty and smelly together so you don’t notice the BO as much. Read more ›

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Hello Goodbye

Hello Lynchburg College! It seems that we are in a place where there have been a lot of goodbyes and even more hellos. So running along on that theme, here are a few goodbyes and hellos that have come to mind in the last week:  Read more ›

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Whichever comes first

Well, here we all are back at Lynchburg College!!!  Most of the cardboard boxes have been unpacked, your books are on your desk shelf, you have a full container of laundry detergent, and brand new highlighters. Read more ›

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Perplexing answers about the Student Center

Hello LC peeps!  It’s that time again to answer all the deep perplexing questions that come to your mind every time you walk/drive by the Drysdale Student Center site. So let me try to answer some of the more common and perplexing questions: Read more ›

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Summer destruction

Hello LC Community!  Hope you are finding some sun and possibly even a little fun as the summer begins.  Things are getting warmer every day here, especially at our weekly construction meetings —  25 guys jammed into a trailer will definitely clear out your sinuses or make you wish you didn’t have them.  Read more ›

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A final rant for the school year

I was struck by how green and crisp looking the Dell was this morning as I walked across it in the early morning hours. Mother Nature sure let loose yesterday washing away dust, pollen, two port-a-johns, six squirrels in a pontoon boat, the Hornet Statue, and a golf cart or two. We found most of this stuff on Lakeside drive and have since delivered it back to its rightful place! Read more ›

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