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Lessons learned on the bike ride to work

For the past two years, I have biked or walked to work almost every single day. One of my favorite aspects of the job at Lynchburg was the possibility of a green commute. My office is just over half a

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Hoarders exist for a reason

About one year ago, my wife started de-cluttering our house. Wedding gifts that we still hadn’t used five years into our marriage went away. Nick knacks went to the garbage. Rarely played board games and the toys our kids didn’t

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A Mindful poetry exercise

In high school, I had dreams about engaging in creative writing for a living. I made my own notebook (because what creative genius buys his notebook at the store when he could make one on his own?) and wrote poem

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“I just backed into a Rhino”

The cover of the Fall 2016 Lynchburg College magazine might surprise some recipients. Why are they staring a rhinoceros in the face? And why on the cover of their alma mater’s magazine? The short story is: 50 years ago a

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Welcome to BackStory

Hey there! I’m Bryan Gentry. Even if we haven’t met in person, there’s a chance that you’ve met some of my writing. I edit the Lynchburg College Magazine (making me the default author for most of the articles there) and

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